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August 19 2011


Whiplash – Causes and Symptoms


If you must be wondering whether there is any disease such as whiplash, it is actually a non-medical term which describes neck pain which occurs after any injury to the soft tissues of the neck which is generally caused by the abnormal motion or force applied beyond the general range of motion of the neck.

This usually happens during accidents, falls, assault and sports. The term was first in usage in the year 1928 and it is still used to describe the soft tissue neck injury, though medically it may be known as acceleration flexion-extension neck injury and soft tissue cervical hyperextension injury.

The cause of such a condition is mostly car accidents. It is said that the speed of the car does not relate to the neck injury and one can have a whiplash irrespective of whether or not they wear a seatbelt. Child abuse, especially when shaking the child, can cause serious injuries to the child’s brain or spinal cord, as the healthcare experts say. Assault, or sports injury or blow from a falling object may also cause a whiplash. There can also be non-acute causes like repetitive stress injuries or chronic strain like holding phone with the neck.

The main symptoms of this condition are, obviously neck pain limiting the range of motion, neck swelling, muscle spasms, tenderness at the back of the neck, headache or pain shooting from the neck into the arms or shoulders. These symptoms may manifest either immediately or after some time of the initial injury. One should be aware that the sooner the symptoms manifest, the more serious is the injury.


Information on Impotence – Erectile Dysfunction

Starflower Erectile Dysfunction

In the case of misconception of a child, it is always the girl who gets the blame for infertility; although, it can also be the case of male erectile dysfunction, better called as impotency.

Impotency is the inability of the male to attain and keep the erection firm to engage in a sexual intercourse or complete it. Impotence can occur in any age but it is mostly seen in older men. It is not a natural phase of aging and it mostly happens due to diseases like atherosclerosis and diabetes or may be because of psychological factors, lifestyle, injury or medications.

Scientifically, it is a complex process to achieve an erection and if there is a disruption in the process like injury to muscles, nerves, blood vessels or any disease, it make achieving of erection difficult. Psychological factors like depression and anxiety also affect the erectile dysfunction. But the good part is that impotency is treatable. If the cause of impotency is determined, the healthcare experts can help to make customized treatment that can cure the cause and affecting factors. The treatment includes vacuum devices, psychotherapy, medications and surgery.

Impotence can be caused due to health problems affecting the whole body and so one should confide in and consult their physician if they have a problem attaining or maintaining an erection. Unlike the olden times, impotence id widely talked about now, and hence men are more comfortable to admit about their impotency and talk to the doctors. The current estimate of men affected by impotency in United States is between 15 and 30 million.


Epilepsy – Causes and Symptoms


Epilepsy, in history, was known as madness when people were not aware about fits and seizures. It is also known as temporal lobe epilepsy or seizure disorder. It is actually a brain disorder in which a person experiences repeated convulsions over time. These seizures actually result due to the disturbed brain activity that causes changes in behavior and attention.

There can also be permanent changes in the brain tissue that can result in the brain being very excited, due to which epilepsy occurs. The brain sends out abnormal signals which cause unpredictable repeated seizures. Although one should know that a single seizure that is not repeated is not epilepsy. The causes of this disorder may be a brain injury or some medical injury that affects the brain or it may be idiopathic, that is, the cause may not be known.

Some of the common causes may be brain tumors, congenital metabolism disorders known as phenylketonuria, destruction of brain tissue by any illness, dementia or stroke, TIA – transient ischemic attack or infections like meningitis, AIDS, brain abscess, encephalitis or abnormal blood vessels in the brain. The epilepsy seizures are mostly experienced between the age of 5 and 20 but it can also happen later in life. According to healthcare experts, it may also be inherited due to family history.

The symptoms of this disorder vary in every individual and some may shake violently while other may have staring spells. That depends on the affected part of the brain and also the cause of the disorder. One should be alert and aware to prevent the epilepsy seizure.

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Ankle (Sprain) – instant relief

                           ankle sprain

Did you just wake up with an ankle sprain? Does your foot hurt real badly and you don’t know how to find relief?

Well, it happens!! Relax :)


First, relax and be patient. Since the feet bear the weight of the entire body, you might find it difficult to move or walk. Now, sometimes, critical injuries can cause critical sprains. When that happens, you might need surgeries. But, in an otherwise routine day, when you experience a slightly sprained ankle (which hurts nevertheless!) here is something that might help:


It’s called RICE!


Yes… R.I.C.E is the cure.


R: Rest

Don’t walk. Don’t move. Don’t go to work! Stay home. Sleep well. Relax. Rest. This is the first step.


I: Ice

Ice treatment always provides relief when it comes to an ankle sprain. Apply an icepack or hold ice to the wound immediately. This will also reduce swelling in the limb.


C: Compression

Tie up your ankle. This way dysfunction and pain is reduced. Compressing the injured region helps in healing it. This can be done along with a spray or medication along with the ice pack.


E: Elevate

Keep your foot above the heart level for at least an entire day. The pain will ease with proper blood circulation.  


You can also look up online healthcare services for instant tips and treatments!


Heart disease – why does it happen

                 heart disease

There isn’t a specific definition for a heart disease because it can be of various types. But…. There can be specific reasons for its occurrence.

Unlike a cold or flu, the cardiac ailments are not contagious. You can’t get a heart attack because you stand beside a person who just had! Nevertheless, if your family has a history of such problems, then you may be genetically prone to it. But, problems can be evaded if you take care of your health.

Proper exec rise, healthy diet, walking, cycling, low colestrol intake, keeping your blood pressure in control, regular health checkup and fitness routines can help keep any heart disease at bay.

Chest pain, heart attacks or strokes are signs of heart problems. The main causes can be other health problems like obesity, blocked arteries, improper supply of oxygen in the blood or congenital defects. Habits like chain smoking and excessive intake alcohol can be detrimental as they enter the blood stream and affect the heart and other organs. The entire body is one unit and all organs are interrelated and connected. Since the heart is one of the main organs, which affects the supply of blood for functioning of all organs in the body, it simultaneously is also susceptible to problems due to other organs. As seen on online healthcare services and websites they always provide updates about health and fitness. It is evident that the heart may be affected by various factors and one must remina alert, aware and careful.


Blood donation – why you must donate

                  Blood donation

I’d just like to start with a question (before I get down to convincing you to donate): what will a blood donation cost you?

Seriously!! What will a donation cost you? It isn’t money that you can not afford. It isn’t wealth that you inherited and might not be in a position to give away.

Donating blood is a simple, less costly, act that can save somebody’s life.

Our bodies keep generating blood and as old cells die out, new cells develop. Once an individual loses blood, the body regenerates the lost quantity. Your body can still function properly even after you donate a bottle of blood.  And the best part is that you would not even feel fatigue or tiredness after a blood donation if you are a healthy individual. (And if you are not a healthy individual, you anyways wouldn’t be allowed to donate by the healthcare experts present around the camp ;))

 There are many interesting articles about the subject. How an individual can feel  a personal satisfaction after donating. While your capable of re-generating the blood that you donate, somebody else who is critically ill or has had a almost-fatal accident can not. And YOU can save his or her life. That is certainly a wealthy contribution that we can make to society.

 I’ll share one of the interesting medical videos here. This has Olympic winner, Vijendra Singh supporting the campaign. Take a look!


Epilepsy – The myths and the science


An epileptic person is a medical patient with a brain disorder. Epilepsy is a condition when a person suffers from repeated seizures or convulsions. He loses control of his bodily actions and may lose consciousness. The most important thing to do is to let the seizure complete - which means, that the fit should run its course.


The old stories and ancient myths have it that such a person is possessed with spirits. Some notions also say that such a person may, in turn, possess powers that are superior to other human beings. On the health side, people use to believe that a person with epilepsy should be provided with a spoon or a stick to keep in the mouth; else, they would swallow their tongues. This is not only a myth; it is completely impossible looking at the human anatomy :)


But in simple words, the brain becomes abnormally “excited”. It starts sending abnormal signals without “thinking”. So basically, there is a chemical change in the brain. This is an interesting subject to read about and not many people know. Take a look at medical videos of the brain being examined. Many medical websites offer such info…. Explore!


Enuresis (bed-wetting) – Causes and symptoms


Bed wetting is a very common problem among small children, around 5 to 6 years of age. For every individual child, the age for gaining control over the bladder and the toilet training is different, and when this happens even after the age has passed, it is called bed-wetting or nocturnal enuresis, and is very common. More than 5 million US children have this nocturnal enuresis.

It may also happen that children after proper toilet training and being dry for 6 months, start bed-wetting and this may be due to change in sleep, or physical or emotional changes. This is called secondary enuresis while primary enuresis is when the children have never really been dry at night. It occurs when the bladder is full overnight more than it can hold and the child does not respond to the signal of full bladder. It is the neither the fault of the child nor the parent. One should also consult the healthcare expert if there is a suspicion that this is a case of incontinence.

There may be physical causes for the same, like diabetes, infections or congenital malformations of genitourinary tract or lower spinal cord lesions. It could also be inherited. Its not uncommon when children over 10 and even some adults have bed-wetting episodes sometimes. The main symptom of enuresis is the involuntary urination that usually occurs at night at least twice per month.

If this problem becomes severe, it calls for medical attention and the doctor asks for the bed-wetting history of the child and also a physical examination to rule out the physical causes. Urinalysis helps to check whether there is any infection or diabetes. X-rays of the kidneys and bladders and other studies are not needed unless there is reason to suspect some other problems.

One should be aware about such causes and symptoms for better child care.

August 12 2011


The risk of facing Dementia due to sleep problems


In on of the medical news, an interesting research report by the American health association was mentioned recently. This report talks about the risks of developing dementia as a result of sleep problems.

They performed a study on 298 women from across the world. All these women were aged 82 years. Now, the first round of testing had these women studied while they were sleeping. In other words, these women were put on devices like the EEG where in their breathing rate was monitored as they slept.

5 years later these women were re-examined.

45 percent of those who had disrupted breathing had developed problems of the mind and mental ability. While, only 31 percent of those who were respiring properly developed any metal ability problems. So, after controlling the various factors, it was calculated that 85 percent women with disrupted breathing while being asleep, had developed dementia

Interestingly, the problem stems from hypoxia – the condition where oxygen does not reach the brain and causes breathing problems; which subsequently cause trouble with memory and mind because the brain is getting a restricted amount of oxygen.

However, a personal opinion would be that only the cause ahs been discovered and not a permanent cure! We have go a along way to deal with these concerns.

August 11 2011


Dandruff – A Large “Scalp” Problem


Dandruff is the most common hair problem in any season. The beautiful locks get covered by flakes and the scalp gets itchy and black colored clothes become distant. There are infinite remedies – chemical, allopathic, and homeopathy, ayurvedic home remedies, advised for this worldwide problem. But as every scalp skin is different, one has to experiment with what would work for them.

Scientifically, dandruff is called Pityriasis simplex capillitii and it is defined as the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It is resulted from the exposure to heat and cold for a long time. It is a natural process for the skin cells to die and flake off, so it is not a disease, but it can be problematic if there is a large amount of flaking and leads to irritation and redness of the scalp. It can also lead to a fungal infection psoriasis (malassezia), seborrheic dermatitis etc.

There are many myths and backfiring home remedies suggested by people which one should be aware of. It is a myth that dandruff is caused by dry scalp or excessive usage of shampoo. Also, dandruff is not the reason for hair loss. It may also be surprising to know that men are prone to dandruff than women. Oily skin has more chances of getting dandruff. Some studies suggest that sugary or spicy diets or too salty food intake can lead to increased dandruff.

Dandruff is easy to control by the usage of specialized shampoos. It may however have side effects by the excessive usage of hair gels and hair sprays or other chemical products. Dandruff can also cause embarrassment or social problems. Hence, according to the healthcare experts, it is very important to treat the problem of dandruff.

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The Healthy Food Trap


So when was the last time you really checked whether the food you are gobbling up is healthy? Or have you ever checked it all? It is always said that the most tempting things are always sinful and that proves to be true at least in the matters of food. Diet of every individual depends on the lifestyle that he/she lives and the culture. Indian culture has a very different diet from the American culture with the staple food of bread.

One should be aware that the supposed healthy foods can actually prove to be full of fat and cholesterol and increase the weight rather than keeping the body fit. The first and foremost staple, bread, is something which people cannot control. It is actually light but consumes time to digest and so; one should go low on it. There can be better option to bread, like wild brown rice, quinoa, protein or veggies, whole-wheat pasta or couscous. Other fat food trap is the fruit flavored yoghurt, which could lead to around 4 helpings, which is too much, even if it is low-fat and the added preservatives do no good. It is seen that plain, non-fat yoghurt is a better option in which fresh fruits should be added on the spot. Breakfast cereals are a favorite in every household but hogging up too much of it can add up the calories and slows down the weight loss of people. An ounce of cereal with skimmed milk is surely a healthier option and keeps the stomach full for a few more hours which ultimately decreases the food intake.

One should be careful before eating the “healthy” foods and should also decide the intake of the portions, according to the healthcare experts.


The Disguised Fat Foods

fat food

Have you ever wondered why there is no progress in the weight loss program although your diet plan consists of “healthy” food? That is because these supposedly healthy foods actually are not healthy enough, and if they do not add fat to your weight, they surely slower down the weight loss program.

One of these fat food traps is the white rice which is well known as refined rice. Though it sounds nice and clean, this white rice contains no fiber and so eating white rice has no advantage. White pasta is also fiber free and less filling than whole wheat. It is a better alternative to have brown rice and pasta can surely make a difference in the weight loss.

Cottage cheese sure has fats in it so always opt for the non-fat cottage cheese to continue losing the extra weight. People with a sweet tooth but conscious of health, opt for sugar things thinking they are really avoiding a lot of calories. But the twist is that a sugar-free chocolate still has calories in the chocolate, which ultimately results in adding weight. So there is no good in having sugar-free hot chocolate five times a day, rather, one should opt for diet chocolate pudding which would be filling and would be seen as a one-time thing rather than a snack option.

Although, it is very well known that fresh fruits and green veggies are the secret to a healthy fit body and a symmetrical figure, to give in to the sweet cravings and junk food is not a sin as long as its once a fortnight. If the ratio has gone up, one can always burn out the extra calories with their favorite sport or just pleasure of gardening or cycling. After all, one body is all we have got!

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Cord blood donation – Procedure and Eligibility

    blood donation

Cord blood is also one kind of blood donation that people are not aware of. The procedure of cord blood donation is not a complicated one. The umbilical cord of the mother-child has blood formation cells and the cord blood is extracted from the placenta after childbirth. The umbilical cord is detached from the child and is clamped and blood is collected from it. This blood is many a time, opted to be stored for private use by many families and sometimes it is donated for public use. This blood is stored in syringes or special packets, to be transported to the cord blood bank. This procedure of collection of cord blood poses no threat to the mother or the child. But it should also be known that not all samples are considered worthy of being stored. Also, for using this cord blood for new formation of blood cells and immune system, the cord blood should also match with the recipient.

Though one is very up for this noble cause, there is eligibility for the cord blood donation. The cord blood banks have their own procedures for determining the eligibility of the donor. One has to first fill up a health-related questionnaire and a consent form. There may be a small blood screening test to check for infection. It should be known that these banks reject stem cells from twins. The doctors online suggest that the stem cells from twins should be given to private banks for cord blood banking as they use the technologies to expand stem cells. The stem cells extracted from multiple pregnancies are not sufficient enough to be used in the transplant.

One also has to be aware about other conditions on the basis of which, the cord blood donation may be rejected, like – risk of HIV/AIDS, having a tattoo over the last one year, a history of STD or infections, pierced eras, skin or other body parts or victims of diseases like diabetes, inherited diseases, cancer, hepatitis or are medication dependent.

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August 10 2011


Blood – what is blood and what is it composed of?


When we discuss the human body, the blood becomes an inevitable part of the system that we should learn about. We should be aware that it is the main channel of transportation in the body. Various nutrients, oxygen, minerals reach the various parts of the body through the medium of blood, while carbon dioxide or waste materials which are to be removed from the body, are also transferred to the excretory organs through this medium

Blood is a fluid medium composed of liquid plasma and cells, as well as nutrients and hormones. It contains cells which are known as RBC. RedBloodCorpuscles also known as erythrocytes are what compose almost 45% of the plasma and contain the molecule called the hemoglobin which contains iron molecules on four sides and is responsible for bonding with oxygen during respiration. This iron is what gives the red appearance.

The cells are reformed regularly. This is why, when you have a wound and bleed, you do not become anemic! Your body has the capacity to reinstall its strength and capacity to carry out functions in the body. Educative medical videos are very easily found on the internet if you are keen to learn more. The animation effects are amazing and define structure and composition very aptly.

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The wilson's disease - why does it occur?

                       Wilson’s disease

 Someone in your family has just been detected with the hepatolenticular degeneration disorder and no body knows what that means! Well, that means they have a genetic disorder called the Wilson’s disease. This is a disorder that occurs due to accumulation of copper in the body. As it is genetic in nature, chances of blood relatives being tested positive for it are quite high.

We read about this in our previous discussion

This occurs due to abnormal copies of a gene referred to as ATP7B gene.  So, if this abnormality occurs, the body begins to accumulate the metallic content. The inner lining of tissues starts to collect this material which consequently adversely affects eyes, brain, liver and other organs.

Normally, Cu form the nutritional intake is discarded by the body is generally separated by the liver. This content is entered in the bile which is expelled out of the body through the gastrointestinal tract. Now, due to the mutation of the gene, people with the Wilson’s disease are not able to discard this excess copper. This is why the disorder occurs.

Because the liver can’t store all this metallic material, it begins to release this into the blood stream. There are many medical videos which explicitly show this process of blood flow through the body. As blood reach each and every part of the anatomy, any susbtace that is entered into the stream, affects almost all organs. Critical organs like the brain, kidneys and eyes can possibly be affected and the most severe cases can result in acute liver failure. But, this is rare.


Fatigue – what one must do to tackle tiredness


Fatigue is not really a disease. Of course, if you have a medical condition and you get tired, then it’s a different matter. But generally, if working out or simply ‘working’ on routine activities tires you, then it just means it’s a stamina problem.

The causes for lack of energy could vary. They can be physical exertion as well as mental! So if you are undergoing an emotional crisis or you just take too much stress, chances are that you WILL get tired!

To tackle fatigue, here are a few points:

1. Get Good sleep.

Good rest is always helpful. We often are too busy working or worrying. But honestly, the right amount of rest can bring back energy.

2. Drink more water and Eat well

Almost everybody says the same thing! But that most certainly does not diminish the fact that eating a balanced diet solves half of our health problems. East well, sleep well and drink a lot of water so that the system remains well nourished.

3. Become more active physically

Take the steps instead of the elevator! That might be a bit too much if you live on the 10th floor, but just for health reasons walk more and work out more. You don’t have to run miles on your first day! But build up your stamina slowly and gradually so that you can stay fit.

You should browse the internet for online healthcare services. You will find information about how to help you deal with your ‘energy’ concerns.


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Gout – what exactly is it?


Gout is a condition of uric acid accumulation. The body begins to collect uric acid near the joint. This builds into a type of arthritis. So, this is an arthritic condition.

This can affect just one joint or many joints. In an Acute type of development, one joint may suffer a lot of pain. In a chronic condition, more than one join can be affected and repeated pain and inflammation is experienced.

The regions with gout arthritis remain red and tender.

Generally patients report severe pain at night while sleeping. Sometimes it may be accompanied with slight temperature. The attacks happen every once in a while because of the uric acid in the blood. This excess uric acid doesn’t cause trouble for all human beings. Only some individuals develop the disease.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the main treatment medications. Many healthcare experts additionally also prescribe painkillers to treat the pain.

Maintaining health is equally important. Lifestyle changes may be suggested. For instance, your doctor may ask you to lose weight slowly, incase you are over weight.

Rapid loss of weight can result in accumulation of uric acid which can even form stones of the kidney. This is just one instance, there are many other such precautions that one may have to take. You can find relevant information on the internet about medical products, diseases, medical services, etc. Keep reading!


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Symptoms and Reasons of Cushing's syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome
Cushing’s syndrome is a hormonal disorder, also known as hypercortisolism. It is mostly caused by the excess exposure of body tissues to high levels of hormone cortisol. This is a rare disorder and adults aged 20-50 are generally affected. Annually, this condition affects 10-15 million people every year.
The reason for Cushing’s syndrome is the prolonged exposure of body tissues to cortisols. It may also happen because they take glucocorticoid hormones for inflammatory diseases, asthma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or immunosuppression after transplantation. It may also happen due to the over-production of cortisol by the body. It performs important tasks in the body, like regulating the blood pressure and cardiovascular function and metabolism of fats, proteins and carbs. It reduces the immune system’s inflammatory response and responds to stress.
The symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome vary, but the common ones are fat around the neck, upper body obesity, rounded face and thinning of legs and arms. Children suffering from this syndrome tend to be obese with slower growth rates. Other symptoms may be stretch marks on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, arms and thighs, weak bones, fragile and thin skin, bruising easily and healing poorly, and routine activities may lead to fractures of rib, backaches or spinal column. Some may also experience depression, anxiety, high blood sugar, severe fatigue, weak muscles, high blood pressure and irritability and anxiety.
 Women may also experience irregularity of their menstrual periods or complete stoppage. They usually have excess hair growth on the abdomen, thighs, chest, faces and neck. Men who suffer from this condition have decreased fertility and their desire for sex may get diminished or may become absent. More information can be obtained on this rare syndrome from doctors online.

August 05 2011


Exercise tips to beat Asthma - blog


Asthma is a breathing problem and it can be difficult to be dealt with and to live with it. It is a common myth that asthmatics should not do exercise for it is unsafe. If that would have been the case, every asthmatic would be obese. The truth is that, asthma and exercise are not impossible but not any rigorous exercise, only regular physical activity is beneficial for all the asthmatics.

When the asthma is under control, safe exercise is recommended for keeping the lungs and body in good condition. An asthmatic can participate in any sport or exercise as long as his condition is healthy; scuba diving is the only sport that is not recommended.

Asthma is actually a condition wherein the patient experiences episodes of breathlessness due to intermittent narrowing of bronchial tubes or airways. The symptoms for asthma may include tightness in chest, wheezing, breathlessness or coughing. These symptoms are related to lungs and breathe and can be avoided by strengthening the lungs, boosting the immune system and strengthening the body.

Exercises which are beneficial to the asthmatics are the ones that strengthen the breathing muscles, according to the healthcare experts. Breathing exercises and cardiovascular exercises are very beneficial while strength and flexibility training helps to improve the over-all fitness. Swimming is one of the best options for asthmatics which can also be substituted by cycling or walking, only on some conditions. Running indoors on a treadmill or cycling on an indoor exercise bike may be safe if the exercise is progressed systematically and carefully. Yoga is the best way to cure asthma and reduce the symptoms. However, one should consult the doctor before taking any action.

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Bad breath (Halitosis) – Causes and treatment

Bad breath

Everybody has gone through the embarrassing situation of bad breath at least once in their lives. This odor is usually the result of breakdown of proteins by bacteria in the mouth. Even when the airways, stomach and oesophagus can get affected and result in bad breath.

The causes for bad breath may be dry mouth, throat or tonsil infection, dental decay, food stagnation, catarrh, gum disease or excessive bacterial activity on tongue due to postnasal drip; the airways may be affected by foreign bodies, pneumonia, polyps, bronchitis, sinusitis, hindered air or mucus flow or gastritis and food reflux or bronchiectasis which is dilation of bronchi of lungs maybe from previous infection. Bad breath is a sign of health problems and so it should not be ignored. 

The treatment for bad breath can be possible by visiting a dentist and getting the required dental treatment. These treatments help to eliminate diseases or avoid food stagnation. If no oral causes are identified, a clinic specializing in breath odors should be visited. Excessive concern about bad breath can also be a psychological problem.

People can take care of the oral and dental hygiene for preventing halitosis or bad breath. Wood-sticks, dental floss or inter-dental brushes can also be used. Different healthcare experts also recommend mouth wash and tongue cleaners. Too much coffee should be avoided but plenty of fluids should be taken. Sugar-free gum and fresh, fibrous vegetables should be eaten and mouth should be cleaned especially after milk products, fish and meat. Regular dentist visits helps to keep the teeth professionally clean.

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